nature of code / 2021

"Can we capture the unpredictable evolutionary and emergent properties of nature in software? Can understanding the mathematical principles behind our physical world help us to create digital worlds? This online, asynchronous course focuses on the programming strategies and techniques behind computer simulations of natural systems. Topics explored range from mathematics and physics to simulations of complex systems. Subjects covered include motion, forces, trigonometry, fractals, cellular automata, genetic algorithms, and neural networks."

professor: Sarah Rothberg

⬆️ kusama inspired motion

for this assignment I was inspired by a sketch I made to replicate the artist Yayoi Kusama. from our lesson on coding with vectors, I made the colorful dots move along with the mouse. it was hard to learn concepts of physics along with code but after rewatching a lot of Dan's videos I was able to wrap my head around what was going on lol.

p5js sketch

⬆️ drag force raindrops

for this assignment I used the Coding Train video on using drag force to emulate the motion of rain. I learned that drag force is the measurement of physical objects moving through fluid like air or liquids. I also added a wind force that is controlled by holding down the canvas.

p5js sketch